Responsible Tourism Tips

The Bolivian Amazon is filled with lush vegetation, impressive wildlife and fascinating local culture – help us keep it that way!


Mogli demonstrates social, cultural and environmental sensitivity. Remember – low prices mean low salaries for employees and low service quality.

• Tip guides, waiters and other service staff as you would back home.

• When possible, buy locally produced handicrafts to support the local culture and economy.

• Learn a few simple phrases in Spanish to communicate with local residents that you encounter – your hosts will appreciate it, and you’ll have a more memorable experience!

• Respect the privacy of local residents, and ask for permission before taking photographs.


• Do not litter. If no bins are available in rural areas, keep all trash with you and deposit it once you return to your camp or to Rurrenabaque.

• Do not feed or touch wildlife as it changes their natural behavior and encourages interaction with humans.

• Avoid being loud so that wildlife is not disturbed, and others can enjoy the natural setting.

• Do not purchase items made of skin, fur, bones or feathers of endangered species, and avoid picking plants or taking natural items, especially in protected areas and parks.

• Be mindful of any additional advice your tour guide gives you about environmental or cultural issues.

• An effective way of reducing your environmental impact is to use products such as eco-friendly sun screen, soap, insect repellent and shampoos, especially when staying in the jungle or pampas. These are not readily available in Bolivia, so think about bringing them with you.

• Bring rechargeable batteries and a charger to reduce toxic waste. If you do have single-use batteries, please take spent ones home – they cannot be safely disposed of in Rurrenabaque.