Pampa easy




08:30 Reception in MAX ADVENTURES office with tea or coffee. Store unneeded articles in the lockers. Prepare the jeep for the journey

09:00 Leave Rurrenabaque and travel by 4×4 jeep to Santa Rosa located by the Yacuma River. This will take about 3 hours when the road is in good condition.*

11:30 Buffet Lunch** at a restaurant in Santa Rosa.

13:00 Arrive at Santa Rosa harbour and enter our boat. The boat is completely open and so it is important that you take water, hats and sunscreen with you as we will be in full sun for about 3 hours. During the ride you will be able to see animals and the pampas wildlife. During dry season (the months of May to October) you may see a large quantity of wildlife and animals including turtles, monkeys, capybaras, pink dolphins, alligators and many types of birds.**

16:00 Arrive at camp where you can accommodate your belongings and prepare for the evening by putting on insect repellent and long sleeves.

16:30 Travel by boat to a meeting point where there are excellent views of the sunset. Here you can make friends, take photos, play football and buy cold drinks, beer, wine and snacks from the shop.

18:30 Return to the camp by boat, at this hour the birds and insects will make their final songs of the day and then quiet will fall as it gets dark.

19.30 Buffet Dinner. Afterwards you can shower, relax and ask your guide questions about the animals you saw through the day.


04.30 Optional early start. If the group agrees you can take an early morning boat ride starting before the sun rises. This will provide a spectacular opportunity to hear the howler monkeys, crickets, insects and birds greeting the sun. Waking up early allows the chance to hear noises unheard during the day or late at night as there is no human activity. As the mist rises off the river you will be able to see the sunrise, and the changing of the colors in the pampas and provides excellent photo opportunities.

08:00 Buffet Breakfast

09:00 You will all be supplied with rubber boots and we will take a boat ride of up to an hour to arrive at the swampy ground to look for anacondas. For this you will need long trousers and long sleeves, a hat, sunscreen, repellent and water as you will be walking in high grass for about 3 hours before returning to the camp by boat.

13:00 Buffet Lunch

14:30 In the afternoon you will go by boat once again to observe the aquatic wildlife and have a chance to swim with the pink dolphins. You may see many turtles, alligators, crocodiles and with luck some bigger land animals such as capibaras which come to the riverside to drink and rest. There is an abundant number of bird species ranging in size which perch in the trees to fish. Later the group will have the option to
continue on the boat for more animal watching and swimming, return to camp to relax or go o the meeting point to socialize with other groups.***

19:00 Buffet Dinner

20:00 Night boat ride. Here with a flashlight we will see the eyes of many nocturnal animals reflecting and appearing to glow. From the shape and colour of these glowing eyes your guide will be able to tell you what type of animal it is and how old or big it is.


8:00 Buffet breakfast

09:00 We will go by boat again and fish for piranhas or local fish. Any fish caught (regulations state one piranha or one fish per tourist may be consumed) will be prepared by the cook for lunchtime.

11:00 Buffet lunch

11:30 Quickly gather belongings and take a boat ride back to the harbour at Santa Rosa

13.00 3 hour jeep ride back to Rurrenabaque

16:30 – 17:00 Arrive at Rurrneabaque


*During rainy season or bad weather the journey may take much longer
**All meals are buffet style with options for vegetarians. Other food allergies or restrictions should be discussed in the office before the tour
*** During wet season chances of seeing animals greatly reduces as the river is high and animals tend to spread out among the pampas.
****If arranged before leaving for the pampas it is possible to go further up river to where there are larger islands and bigger trees and it is possible to see sloths, tucans and macaws. This is only available if arranged before the tour as extra gasoline needs to be taken.