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from the famous NAVA family: The legendary Lazaro Nava Muchairo (Indian tribe Tacana) was one of the first tourist guides in Rurrenabaque. In 1982 he helped start tourism in Rurre after being the guide for the search and rescue mission for Yossi Gintzburg; who was lost for 20 days around the Tuichi river and then wrote the book Back from the Jungle.

Lazaro Nava soon became famous in tourist circles for his native Indian knowledge and experience. He and his sons MOGLI and FEIZAR then became teachers for todays jungle and pampas guides employed by tourist companies here in Rurrenabaque.

MOGLI and FEIZAR each had more than 12 years of experience in tourism. In 2007 they founded company Max Jungle Agency.

Feizar - Owner of Max Jungle Agency