Getting Here


The journey will take 18-hours with a cost of US$10 a ticket.
The epic bus ride from La Paz guarantees an adventure before you’ve even set foot in Rurrenabaque. Descending around 3,500 meters along sharp Andean switchbacks and through ever-changing ecosystems, this 18-hour journey is not for the faint-hearted, but at around US $10 a ticket it’s a great budget option. The journey can take much longer during bad weather, but you could always break up the journey with an overnight stop in Coroico, four hours from La Paz. Buses to both Coroico and Rurre leave from Villa Fatima.


The journey will take 45 minutes from La Paz with a cost between US$60 to US$85 a ticket
The 45-minute flight from La Paz to Rurrenabaque is a thrilling start to your Amazon adventure, as the tiny plane flies over the barren landscapes of the high Andes before they drop steeply down into lush valleys and endless jungle.
Amaszonas has five flights daily at around US $85 each way. There are also flights to Trinidad.
Passengers must be sure to confirm their booking the day before, and should also be aware that this is no guarantee of a flight – Adverse weather conditions, as well as social unrest and fuel shortages result in flights being frequently delayed or cancelled, particularly during the rainy season (November-April).