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  1. Venca says:

    Ahoj Terezo, zdravim Te z Cech a mam nekolik dotazu: Jungle standart nebo special (5 – 7 dnu) je mozny (s ohledem na obdobi destu) konec unora/zacatek brezna? Pokud ano, terminy jsou pevne dane? Kolik lidi cita skupina? Cena?Odpoved prosim do emailu. Mej se hezky a dekuji. Venca

  2. Berlinda says:

    I wouid like to thank everyone at Mogli for a fantastic 3 day jungle tour. Feizar is an amazing guide, he seems to know everything about the jungle. Spotting monkeys, aligators, turtoises, visiting local communities and learning more about their way of life, it’s all part of the trip. Had a great time, met amazing people and would recommend everyone to book at Mogli! Thanks guys!!
    Cheers, Berlinda

  3. Ulla says:

    Could you please nform be about your prices for the differnet treks ?
    Vi are 2 persons but we don’t yet know how many days we want or which kind af trek – it also depends on the prices….
    We plan to visit you in january/february/march or april – which month would you recommend for the trek?
    <Best regards from Ulla

    • Mogli says:

      Hi Ulla,
      January is the middle of wet season so you should expect rain and mosquitoes if you come at this time. We recommend you come in March or April. Of course this is the rain forest so it may still rain but you should have more pleasant conditions. I hope this helps a little with your planning and if you have any other questions please just ask or e-mail me at

  4. Lisa and Bill says:

    Hey Mogli, Miguel, Tereza and Laura,
    Just wanted to say thank you for such a great time. Those were five unforgettable days in the jungle, like nothing we’ve ever experienced before. We have to leave Bolivia for Peru now but we’ve been talking about cutting our time there short and coming back to do a longer trek and maybe the pampas if we can find the time. Keep us updated about those new trails.
    See you soon (hopefully)
    Bill and Lisa

  5. Cohav says:

    4 days in the jungle with mogli agency. feizer and migel the best guids there is.
    i would recommend everyone to go with them, profesionals in administration and in the jungle!

  6. Bill says:

    I went with me friends to the Jungle with Max Jungle Agency and it was a live time experience!!!!!!! Went for 5 days to the middle of Bolivian Jungle. It was amazing to watch the guides loking for animals, teaching us about medicin plant and toxic plant, listnen to they history from the indian culture by the fire at night. Absolutly fantastic. Thank you Mogli!!!!!
    Bill Belgica

    • Mogli says:

      Thank you Bill, Max Jungle Agency is happy to hear from you and from your experience with us. Hope to see you soon!!!!!

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