Fiestas & Culture


Fiesta de Rurrenabaque – 2nd February

This celebration of the founding of Rurre begins with a Catholic mass and the parade of the Virgin of the Candelaria through the streets.
Traditional music with drums and flutes accompanies dancing and processions through the town. Other activities include horse races, cock fighting, canoe races, rice threshing competitions, beauty pageants and other traditional games.

Fiesta de Beni – 18th November

Similar to the Fiesta de Rurrenabaque, this is celebrated throughout the province.

Dia de Bolivia – 6th August

Military parades in the morning and the children parade in the evening with lanterns in the colours of the Bolivian flag.

Feria Artesanal

This Craft Fair takes place in on the first weekend in September. The plaza hosts dance, music and conservation awareness events, and there are many stalls selling traditional arts and crafts produced in the surrounding communities, along with local produce such as organic honey, and traditional foods including sweet bread and cakes.

Feria de los Domingos

Sunday is market day in Rurrenabaque. Take a walk down Calle Santa Cruz, along the river, to take part in the hustle and bustle.


The rich cultural traditions of the Bolivian Amazon are plentiful in and around Rurrenabaque.
This region is still home to many Tacana, Mosetene, T’simane and Quechua communities, each of whom has their own language. Many still lead traditional lifestyles without electricity or running water; fishing in the rivers, gathering wild fruits, farming chickens and pigs, practicing small-scale agriculture and hunting using traditional traps. Using ancient knowledge passed down over generations, they know how to employ leaves, roots, bark and resin to create infusions, medicines, shelter, bows and arrows, handcrafts and mats.