15 to 25 Days

Hard core jungle trekking followed by a river adventure. Trek deep into the jungle, far from people, close to the animals and nature itself. True adventure, the only way back is to finish the tour. Includes jeep to start point, river trek up to 2000m mountains (views to Peru), cross the mountains to the river, build a raft, one week on the raft to the heart of the Bolivian amazon, jungle trek to your finish point. You sweat, you smell, you hurt. Live the jungle. (read more)



Max 2/3 people for 3 Days

MAX ADVENTURES  guides are full blood indigenous Tacana who have been living on their traditional lands around Rurrenabaque in harmony with the jungle.  Their traditions and customs have been passed down from generation to generations and are a central part of who they are.  Their jungle skills and knowledge have allowed the Tacana people to survive in this area for centuries.   With modern life traditional skills have become less important for day to day life. MAX ADVENTURES  believes that this heritage is essential to future generations and it should never be forgotten.

You can share part of this wisdom.  During this very challenging tour you will learn how to stay alive in the jungle.  Your guide will show you how to make a shelter that you will use to sleep in.  He’ll show you the traditional way to light fires and how to prepare the food you forage.  You will be shown how to find you way in the jungle and where to look for drinking water.  You will eat only the food you can find.  This means seasonal fruits, plants, fungus, insects, worms and fish if you are lucky enough to catch them.  Please be aware that each group is different and what is available will depend on which month it is.

MAX ADVENTURES  skillful guide and a mosquito net are all you need and all you will have.

Please be aware that no animals are killed, handled or harmed during this tour!


For booking the tour or for more information, please contact with us:

     Tel: (591-3) 892 2292

     Whatsapp: (591) 71123777

     Email: info@maxjungle.com

RURRENABAQUE YOU MAX GO!                                                       TO THE JUNGLE AND PAMPA!