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Our New Waterfall Trek

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Especially for rainy season we have a new trek going into the mountains which means less mosquitos and less swampy ground under foot. As an added bonus we follow streams to crystal clear waterfalls where you can clear you mind and refresh you body.

With the new year we thought it a good idea if we started helping our environment in a new way. So with Laura as our Mogli representative we joined ArBolivia in a 15 year plan for the reforestation of our private land. We are all very excited to be part of Reforestar con Futuro!


Tereza, on behalf of Max Jungle was invited to be Godmother to the 6 year old children graduating their first stage of education. Here in Bolivia Students celebrate passing their first year at school, and then again when they leave school at 18. Each graduation year selects a respected member of the community to be their Godmother or Godfather. Tereza was happy for the children of  Rurrenabaque.


Mogli guides helping out the hospital.
If there’s one thing the jungle teaches you it’s that nothing can survive on it’s own. Plants, animals and insects all depend on each other for survival. The richness of the jungle environment is exactly the quality that makes it so strong and its strength, in turn, makes it richer. It’s a lesson that Max Jungle has taken to heart. We had a look round to see what we could do to make our own environment a little richer.
I turned out that the local hospital was looking a bit grim so Max Jungle guides gave up their own time to go and make it a little better. On their days off the guides went to strip flaking paint and chipped varnish of the well used furniture. Then they gave it a nice bright coat of paint and the hospital was a little nicer for its patients.
So well done to the boys for using their own strength to make their community a little richer.


As anyone who’s been on a tour with us knows we love the jungle and we want it to be there forever. Our guides walk the same jungle as their fathers and grandfather did before them and they want it to be there for their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, exactly as it is now. So we got together with the Director Pilon Lajas RB TCO Lic. Victor Hugo Frias, Director of Tourism Leocio Janco and Juan Carlos Molina. And they set us a training course just to make sure we were absolutely doing our best to preserve the jungle in the protected areas, indigenous territories and national Parks. Needless to say all out guides passed with flying colors. We knew they would.
Max Jungle flying the flag for sustainability.

English graduation

Well done to Jessica and the guides

Mogli guides always want to improve their services and so happily took on the challenge of English classes from American Born “Talk to me en Engles” school of languages. All the Mogli guides would like to say a big thank you to Jessica for all her patience throughout the course, which took part half in the classroom and half in the jungle to make sure the guides knew exactly what they needed for their tours. So well done to all the guides for their hard work in passing the basic English and an extra well done to those who went on to get a full conversational English Diploma.