3 days




DAY 1 

09:00   Reception in office with tea or coffee.  Repack backpacks with equipment, food and water provided by MAX ADVENTURES.  Store unneeded articles in the lockers.  Introduction to the guides.

09:30   We leave by boat and cross over the river to San Buenaventura to pay the entry fee of 125bs to the Madidi National Park.  We then head up the River Beni for 2.5 hours.  We stop briefly at the Madidi Park Guard Office just before heading up the RiverTuichi.  Here the Madidi Park Guards show us a map of the area and explain a bit about the Park.  We continue on up the RiverTuichi, enjoying the beautiful scenery and wildlife on the way.  We should spot herons, kingfishers, egrets and birds of prey and maybe some capybaras and caimans on the riverside.

12:00   We are at our jungle central campsite in time for LUNCH and preparation for afternoon activities.

14:00 After lunch we make a short trip up and across the river by boat to a site called Caquiawara, a series of exposed cliffs where parrots and macaws come to lick the minerals from the rocks.  After a short walk we come to an observation platform overlooking the cliff providing us with an excellent spot to observe and photograph the parrots and macaws as they fly in below us to lick the rocks.

18:00   DINNER by the camp fire.

19:30   Traditional ceremony to the Pachamama to ask for protection and luck in the jungle.


DAY 2 

Wake to the sound of the howler monkeys greeting the day.


09:00   Jungle trek.  On your trek, the guide will point out and explain about the flora and fauna, toxic plants and trees, seasonal fruit and flowers we see on the way.  He will also teach you how we use plants in our medicines and show you survival skills such as edible plants fungus and bugs, where to find water and navigation.  With any luck we will see monkeys, wild boars, snakes, frogs, a variety of birds and a multitude of insects.

13:00   LUNCH

14:00   In the afternoon, we take some inner-tubes down to the river to splash around and hopefully spot water animals such as capybaras, caimans, turtles, kingfisher, hoatzin and herons.

18:00   DINNER

20:00   Night walk to look for nocturnal animals for those who have the energy and the nerve.  This is the best time to see armadillos, tapir, owls and hear the growls of the jaguar and pumas.


DAY 3 

Enjoy the jungle birds singing while you wake up.


09:00  Another short trek into the jungle to collect seeds and material to make our own traditional jewellery which the Tacana use as amulets to protect them in the jungle.  You will then have a souvenir of your Bolivian jungle experience to protect you for the rest of your life.

13:00   LUNCH

14:00   Relax in the boat and enjoy the scenery and wildlife on the way back to Rurrenabaque.  Normal arrival in Rurrenabaque will be between 16:00 and 17:00.  Earlier arrival in Rurrenabaque for last flights can be arranged in the office before the tour.




In general additional days allow you to go further and do more. You can take your time to get to know the jungle action. It involves more trekking to get further away from civilization and deeper into the jungle. This gives you more opportunity to see different animals, follow their footprints and learn about them. You will get a more in depth and complex explanation about medicinal, toxic and edible plants. You will have more time to practice your knowledge and survival skills. And your native Indian guide will have more time to tell you his traditions, beliefs, local folklore and legends. You will have a much more involved and rounded experience and really get to know the jungle.


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