Mogli guides helping out the hospital.
If there’s one thing the jungle teaches you it’s that nothing can survive on it’s own. Plants, animals and insects all depend on each other for survival. The richness of the jungle environment is exactly the quality that makes it so strong and its strength, in turn, makes it richer. It’s a lesson that Max Jungle has taken to heart. We had a look round to see what we could do to make our own environment a little richer.
I turned out that the local hospital was looking a bit grim so Max Jungle guides gave up their own time to go and make it a little better. On their days off the guides went to strip flaking paint and chipped varnish of the well used furniture. Then they gave it a nice bright coat of paint and the hospital was a little nicer for its patients.
So well done to the boys for using their own strength to make their community a little richer.